Friday, December 6, 2013

Eva is getting ready for Christmas

 Oh Eva you are such a dreamer! Head lifted skywards, she ambles along the woodland path humming a tune all of her own!
I smile, it's nice when a doll is so relaxed, at this time of year there is so much hustle and bustle - but little Eva takes all things at her own pace! 

Eva is a happy little soul!
 Today is a special day, we are out together choosing a Christmas tree to bring into our home, and collecting some pretty foliage for the studio too.

Enjoying our woodland walk

Pretty mary jane shoes

A little bag for treasures

When we arrived home Eva set about helping me with all the branches and fir cones while I put the lights on the tree (as that's a mama job!)

Eva will be available to adopt in my etsy shop 06/12/2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

Matilda Rose and Poppet

Here we are in December! The festive spirit has truly arrived in the Wadey household and needless to say all the girls in my studio are very excited about Christmas! Some are old enough to remember our little traditions, but for others this is their first Christmas and it has been a delight to watch their tiny faces light up at the sight of all our decorations, curious faces peeking into boxes of baubles and pine cones ( I wont mention the tangle one doll made of herself and a string of fairy lights!)

 Today Matilda Rose, Little Poppet and I took a winters walk, the girls so loved crunching the fresh snow!

Little Poppet had to be carried some of the way!
Enjoying the crisp winters air
Matilda Rose

Her knitted bonnet keeps those little ears warm!
She is a big girl and can sit all by herself!

Pretty vintage embroidery and little lacy bloomers

Matilda Rose does love her little Poppet
Festive Friends!

 Before long little Poppet grew quite cold and tired and asked to be carried, we all walked home, took off our snowy boots and cuddled up inside with a cup of spiced tea.

Warm and cozy with a cup of tea!

All ready to meet their new mama

 Matilda Rose and Poppet will be available to adopt in my etsy shop(link) they are so hoping to be adopted before Christmas - though I must admit I will miss these two dear little girls!

Because the festive season is a busy time for me, what with making gifts for my loved ones, holiday visitors and an awful lot of baking! I have decided that little Matilda Rose and Poppet will be my last dolls of the year, though of course you know me, I won't be able to keep away from the studio for all that long so have decided to use the winter break to work on some new patterns. Once again I am so grateful for all the love and support I have received over the last year, to think that my little Studio began selling dolls last April is incredible and it warms my heart to think of all my little dolls loved all over the world. Thank you all for helping me to do what I love, I hope that 2014 brings you all peace and happiness xx Scarlett xx