Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mori and a little about clothes

 Linen and lace, ruffles, tiny pockets and endless buttons - oh and the wonderful hours spent turning through my fabric stash! Creating a doll outfit takes some time, there is so much to consider and no doubt the doll always has something to say about it.

Before I begin stitching a doll I will always put together a little bundle of favorite materials I'd like to use for her, I make endless drawings and notations in my sketch book and will often set about dying yarn or cloth to set the perfect palette for her personality. Sometimes my planning pays off, a doll is born and she instantly takes to my choices, sometimes however a personality shines through that gently presses into a new direction.

This year I would very much like to focus my doll clothes styling to reflect my own personal taste for bohemian and folksy layered outfits, subtle tones and quality natural fabrics. Creating miniuture clothes, similar to those that I wear myself has been tremendous fun, like playing dress up when I was a little girl!

Me and my little style twin Tova
 Mori is a gentle soul - quiet and reserved; the sort of girl that is so at ease with herself and her surroundings, that you may not even see her in the room at all! " The art of becoming invisible " she tells me - what a funny little thing she is - a mystery for sure!

 Mori is a wanderer, a nomad. Barefoot she would walk untill her feet would carry her no further, and would happily sleep where she fell, as at home in the forrest as she would be with me I know!

Mori and two baby spring time elves will be available to adopt this friday at the Enchanted Toybox On Friday 6th of Feb at 7pm est