Friday, September 19, 2014

Bramley - the apple girl

When I was small many a good time was had nipping over the neighbors fence to sneakily pinch an apple or two, my sisters as lookouts - excitedly skipping about under the tree as I hurriedly stuffed the fruit in my pockets. We were always caught and scolded for our thievery, but I have to say the excitement around apple picking time and autumn in general has always remained.
Now my mother has her own little orchard, and every year me and my boys like to spend an afternoon or two collecting apples, ready for pies and crumbles, or even just to top our morning porridge ( its getting chilly over here in England now )
This year we have been joined by a dear little doll named Bramley. Named after a true traditional English apple, and just as sweet!

Bramley is a 15 inch doll, made from quality natural materials.
Her skin is sunkissed de witte cotton and  she is stuffed with sweet devonshire wool. She has long wefted mohair hair in a beautiful autumn auburn shade. Like all of my dolls, she has lots of features, tiny ears, a sculpted chin, eyebrows, a swirly belly button and peachy bottom!

 Bramley was only too pleased to scramble up the apple tree, tucking fruit into the little pocket on her apron, stopping now and then to take a bite out of the rosiest ones!

This little lady requested warm comfortable clothes, She is dressed in a little lace vest, with matching undies, a three layered Irish linen skirt, trimmed with cotton lace and fastened with a wooden apple button, wool felt leaf shoes, socks, a pure wool jumper and linen apron ( with pocket for apples!)

Some of the apples in our orchard were a little heavy for Bramley to hold, so I have crocheted a little basket, and needle felted three tiny apples - just the right size for dainty little hands!

Bramley the apple girl will be looking to join a new family on Monday, please do visit my shop for her listing - it will run for 48 hours - here is the link: Bramley
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Lots of love Scarlett xxx