Thursday, July 2, 2015

Simple Beginnings and New Paths

Over the years my dolls have taken me on quite a journey, discovering new techniques and prefered methods over much trial and often even more error!
Drafting patterns is a lengthy and thought consuming process, transposing vision to stitched cloth is something that still sparks magic for me - I will always enjoy those exciting moments when wool starts to fill out the freshly sewn curves of a new patterns rounded tummy, or chubby pinchable knees! 
Like most doll makers, my inspiration was the joy of my own children. To create special unique toys that the would light up their faces with imagination when they held them, and as they grew up would always be looked upon with fondnes - wrapped in happy memories.
And though my dolls have wandered far from those simple floppy first attempts, I watch my two boys tending to their babies and smile knowing that at the heart of what I do, is the magic of childhood.
Styles change, fashions come and go, but the art of a simple kind faced doll will never ever be lost.

And so I was inspired this month to hark back to the core of my craft, to nurture a soul from cotton and wool, with gentle features and simple yarn hair - and baby Whistle was born.

Whistle captures the heart of doll making for me, she is sweet, unassuming and kind. Her face displays only love and tender reassurance. I hope that the warmth with which she was made, her trusting eyes and timid smile will invite true friendship with her new mother.

 Whistle is a little shy of 10 inches tall and made using my traditional sitting baby pattern.
Her creamy pale skin is quality de witte cotton, blushed with a little beeswax in all the right places!
She is filled with sweet devonshire wool ( there is something about this wool that smells so heavenly!) Her hair is crocheted tightly from rich copper mohair yarn finished with a tiny knitted bow headband. Whistle has all the features you would expect of a bigger doll, with stitched eyebrows, the littlest of ears for listening to your stories and a peachy bottom too.

She will come dressed in a lined floral nappy, pale pink bloomers, a dress with embroidered knit bodice and knit wool slippers. Whistle could not be without her pretty comforter, so naturally that will be wrapped to accompany her too. If you should like to adopt Whistle she will be hoping for entrants at the Enchanted Toybox this friday evening here.

Whistle marks an important time in my life and is most likely the last rtg doll I will have for quite some time, today is my last day in this house before we move in with my inlaws while we search for a new family home. It will be a time of disruption and uncertainty, but also of hope and togethernes. It meens that although I may be a little more absent online, and will certainly have less time to devote to creating dolls, I will be able to enjoy some time with my family, preparing for our future and the arrival of our own little baby this November! I thank you all for your enduring kindness and support, it lifts me up and revives my love for doll making on those more difficult days, and for that I will always be grateful. I wish you all a wonderful summer, hopefully with fair a wind and a bright star to sail by I will be back with you all soon!
Love as always, Scarlett xxx