Friday, October 30, 2015

The Familiar and the Unknown

I'm sure I know you little one, your face is so familiar! 
It's like we met many moons ago, though you assure me we have just met!

Sometimes as a doll maker, despite many, many hours of one to one time crafting a doll, their character emerges and is still a little of a riddle! Perhaps it's because my mind wanders to next month when I will get to meet my own baby, to meet the tiny wonder I have carried so long, both entirely a mystery, yet completely a part of myself! Avery marks a wonderful time in my life and doll making journey, where I feel my dolls speak the love I have for my craft, and the happiness in my heart as I enter motherhood for the third time. This will be the last doll I make this year, as I focus my thought and energy towards the needs of a newborn and the busyness of the festive season to come!

I wish you the very fondest for the end of the year - 
may it be a time of family, marshmallow hot chocolates and rosy winter cheeks for you all!
With much love, Scarlett x

Friday, October 9, 2015

Sunshine and Buttercups

  I am sure there are many of you who understand the simple joy of visiting a fabric shop, the rows upon rows of silky textures and vibrant prints! We have several nice ones near us and I could spend hours perusing their shelves, quite often the dolls I make will visit with me to search for the fabrics for their outfits. Much of the time we find ourselves picking up the same colour combinations, the breezy cool colours that seem to come to hand so naturally, and speak to the characters of the dolls I make. But there are other times, when a snippet of something brighter will catch my attention. Now I really try - you must believe me when I say, that I do try to only buy the fabrics I have planned intentions for as my poor dear family are truly overwhelmed by my ever increasing stash of necessary supplies! But sometimes a fabric just sneaks its way into my basket - 
with no other reasoning that it is simply lovely!

Yellow - the colour of sunshine and buttercups! It just seems to radiate happines and is a colour that is appealing to me more and more, When I first saw this fabric, with its vibrant colours and pretty summer hedge flower design, my mind imediately raced with ideas for a beautiful smiley blonde girl.
This is Chloe!

Chloe is imagined to be an older doll child as she is 19 inches tall and has already outgrown some of the babyish curves of her younger ladybird brothers and sisters. Her bright and bold coloured outfit perfectly portrays her adventurous spirit and quirky sense of humour! 
There are not many of my dolls that could pull off polka spot trim on their dresses, 
but Chloe insists that more is definitely always more!

Chloe is sewn from fair laib yala cotton and has a gently sculpted face, her big blue eyes and gently smiling mouth hinting just a little at the sweet natured girl within. She has a very full head of fine wavy natural blonde ox hair which we have fastened up into bunches to show off her adorable little ears! She has dimpled knees, a rounded rosy bottom and a swirly bellybutton too. 
Her outfit consists of a pair of fleecey undies, navy cord bloomers, a pretty summer print dress with placket buttoned front and polka spot trim, knit wrap style shoes and a merino hand knit lace scarf.

Chloe is hoping for adventures afar, if you would like her to join your family, please do head over to my shop where we will be accepting entries from 5pm est tonight untill 5pm est Sunday.
With love, Scarlett and Chloe xx