Friday, June 27, 2014

Meoldy, Harmony and Lyric

Oh my girls I have dreamed of you for so long! 
It has been a while since I last made some larger dolls. Over the last few months I have been working on a new pattern for baby dolls. I wanted to create something lifelike - resembling a little one who was just reaching that wonderful age of discovery - learning to co-ordinate themselves into a crawling position, able to sit easily and unsupported - with heavy floppy limbs that could be posed just like a real baby. And so Melody, Harmony and Lyric were born.

These babies are 19 inches long, lined with wool felt and gently weighted to give a snuggly baby feel.
Let me introduce you to each of them!

This is Melody - the eldest of the three girls, and by far the most bossy! She is kind hearted and full of fun, but I have to say she has a stubborn streak! She is a girl who know her own mind and is always the first to try something new - needless to say she was the first to start crawling!

 Harmony is the middle sister, gentle and quiet, content to watch the hustle and bustle all around her. She is a little shy at first, but is soon won around!  She is the cuddliest of the three girls too, 
and just loves to snuggle up in her blanket with her dolly.

And last of all there is baby Lyric, the youngest sister. Chatty and cheerful, this little girl always has a smile on her face! Lyric started talking practically as soon as she was born - and honestly hasn't stopped! She babbles and coos in her own special language to her dolly -
 who of course understands every word!

My girls are excited to travel to new homes, but to keep them company I have made each a little doll, at just under five inches tall they are just the right size to cuddle up with, though usually they are up to mischief!

I seem to always make dolls in threes, perhaps it's because I am one of three sisters, each doll taking on a little personality of each of us. Doll making is a mysterious thing, ideas drawn from the depth of your soul, from happy memories of summers passed playing, from sisters squabbles, a vision becomes a sketch and sketch to stitches and before long a face somehow familiar is peeking up at you - not quite what you visioned, not quite what you sketched - but exactly as they were meant to be.
I'l never tire of that magic!

Melody, Harmony and Lyric will be available to adopt tomorrow, Saturday 28/06 at 6pm UK time
( 1pm EST ) in my shop (link)

Delicious Elderflowers

I look forward to this short season every year - eagerly keeping an eye on the hedgerows for the first signs of those fluffy white flowers. This year my father and I gathered blossoms from their tree in the garden, it was a beautiful clear day.

It is best to pick flowers on a bright sunny day

This year I decided to try something new - I usually make a simple cordial with my flowers, but this year I have brewed some elderflower champagne.
As with most of my kitchen efforts, there was no recipe as such, and a good deal of trusting to luck!
My flowers filled an eight litre maslin pan, which I filled with water, threw in a couple of cups of sugar ( about 700g ish ) and the zest and juice of two lemons  Then let nature work it's magic!

 I was convinced that nothing would come of this simple potion - but sure enough after a few days sitting in the kitchen - tiny bubbles began to form!

Two weeks later I have six bottles of elderflower bubbly! I think it will be the perfect celebratory drink to enjoy on our first night in our new home - now to begin packing!
Happy Summer everyone!
Love Scarlett xx

Friday, June 20, 2014

Digger the Fox Boy

So you may well of heard stories of boys raised by wolves, but I bet you have never heard of a boy raised by foxes!
Digger has come to me from the wild wild woods, with a gleam in his eyes, sharp ears and a bushy tail. He is bold, fearless and full of fun and loves nothing more than to scamper through the ferns with his baby fox friend looking for fir cones.


Little Fox

Digger is most at home in the woods

When they are both quite worn out they each have a cozy place to sleep, fox baby even has a tiddly felt fox toy to snuggle up to - I truly have never made anything so tiny!

A room of my own
With cozy autumn patchwork quilt

Even little fox has his own nest bed

The smallest fox you ever saw!

And as a little something for Diggers new mama - I have made her a dear little fox sculpture - in a jar! I think it might just be tiddly fox's mother!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
love Scarlett xx