Monday, May 2, 2016


I just love that fresh smell of rain, it's gentle pitter patter as it ripples the surface of the canals dark waters.
Misty mornings must be my favourite of times.
No one is about, it's just us two.

Fawn has kept me company for a long time now, at first, faint like a whisper I imagined a child with a strong stare and deep eyes like that of a little deer in the forest.

We didn't talk a lot, sometimes you just don't need words -
it's amazing how much more you see when all the world is quiet!

Fawn like her names sake would never truly be tamed - I knew she could not stay forever.
Her heart needs to roam, and so I hope that a family will open their home to this sweet child.
Prospective parents should please visit my shop for her listing.
Comments will run until 7pm est 03/05/16

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Anouk from the Cirque de Coccinelle

Today a little one stopped by our house to play, scuffing her shoes on the path and idly plucking at the flowers by the gate - she told us that the Cirque de Coccinelle had come to Tavistock!
I asked her why she wasn't with her friends?
 to which she replied with a mischievous look
"Parce que je ne veux pas aider à mettre en place!
and skipped off merrily into the garden.
I think I need to brush up on my school French!

 Her name is Anouk - and she is the most colourful little girl imaginable! She hopped excitedly around the garden, playing tag with my two sons ( the game tag evidently universal with no language barrier at all!) a blur of patchwork, polkaspots and tattered cotton lace.

Her cheery giggle so infectious as she babbled away, enthralling us with tales which I'm sure I only partially understand!

All afternoon she delighted in demonstrating her fantastic balance, 
who else could balance a horse on her feet!?

And then like a feather on the breeze she was gone, out the garden gate and on to another adventure. Au Revoir sweet Anouk - the colourful child of the Cirque de Coccinelle!


A beautiful spring evening sets in, sand still warm underfoot and the bay is awake with families enjoying fish and chips in the dunes and surfers casually ambling down to the waters edge. 
Times like this I really appreciate how close we live to the coast!

 A sweet friend recently moved in land far away from the ocean and asked me to make a special doll inspired by the coast, she left all the details up to me and little Zak was born!

This relaxed little soul just lives life in the moment, carefree and happy!

He even has his own little ride, carefully crafted by my husband.

Though he still needs a hand while he practices! 
Surfing is kinda hard you know! 

The locals show us how its done, sun sinking down to meet the gentle rolling waves, we sit together soaking in the last of the day
 awaiting the evenings stars.