Monday, May 25, 2015

Three Beach Babes

The Ladybird family have been giddy with excitement today - with the sun shining and Mr Ladybird with a day off work ( thank you bank holiday! ) we were all up early ready for adventure. 
Well - I say ready - while dollies larked and skipped about - and helped the children to find buckets and spades, I set to making some sandwhiches for our picnic lunch and packing suncream and all the sort of essentials only mums seem to think of!
Through winding Cornish country lanes of cowslip and buttercups, before too long we had reached a pretty little beach with rolling sand dunes and a low tide promising treasures!

Constantine, Harlyn and baby Zennor are all named after Cornish beaches.

Constantine is the eldest, he is confident, with a tall tale or two to tell! He set straight away to conquer the tallest sand dune, with us all scrambling along behind!


He has some noticeable changes to my usual dolly style, his body is a plumper pear shape, has a more defined neck and shapely legs. He also has needle felted eyes, which I think gives his face a lovely depth of character! 

Like all of us, he has his own quirks, he has a little trouble with tieing shoe laces, would absolutely rather be running than reading, and has one leg slightly fatter at the top than the other ( this of course - he tells me - is why he is so incredibly fast at running! )

Constantine is Cornish through and through, from his tousled surfer locks to his sandy toes, and we wouldn't have him any other way!

Harlyn,  when her eyes first gazed up at me, I saw a gentle, nervous soul - but I cant help but think that over the passed few weeks that shy little girl has emerged a graceful butterfly.

Harlyn has a gently sculpted face and the same new body style as her big brother.
Sadly in these few photos she is a little pouty, It would seem our sunshiney beach trip would not be without some drama!
For a moment or two I had closed my eyes, enjoying the gentle breeze and the sound of the rustling dune grasses when the peace was broken by the sound no mother wishes to hear! A shrill shrieking, of what was unmistakabley
Harlyn in trouble!
I raced down the dunes to the shore line where she had been paddling with her brother and scooped her up. Tears streaming and utterly inconsolable, Constantine running after us, tugging at my sleave, we hurried back to our little camp to calm her down. It was a few moments before I could make out what had happened. They had been watching a pretty creature swimming in the surf as they jumped the waves, and Harlyn had let her curiosity get the better of her! 
My poor darling had been stung by a jellyfish!

Fortunately as most mothers are - I was prepared with a little dolly first aid kit, and wimpering only a little, Harlyn bravely allowed me to tend to her poorly foot. Constantine dutifully inspected the little heart shaped plaster, and kindly sat with his sister untill she felt happy to play again.

Baby Zennor was thankfully quite oblivious to the whole episode, and hapily sat kicking her legs in the sand and watching the gulls flying overhead!

With such a busy household, I have been extremely fortunate that Zennor is such a relaxed and easy going baby! She looks very much like her elder sister, with her deep brown eyes and thoughtful expression

Enjoying a little rest after their swim, each wears a baltic amber pendant.

After a long day playing and picnicking we headed home up the winding lanes. There was not a peep from anyone all the way home, for they were all fast asleep!

My three little beach babes will be looking for forever homes on Wednesday 27th of May in my shop