Friday, October 7, 2016

Atsuko Mayumi and the goldfish

Autumn! Finally my favourite season! Cosy socks, the swirling confetti of leaves caught in a breeze and all manner of warming fruit crumbles and puddings - yup this is my time of year!
October in our town sees a special highlight in the calendar - "Goose Fayre"
On this day countrymen from all over the county will visit the town to sell their geese ready to fatten up for Christmas dinner - over hundreds of years it has grown from a simple stock trading day, to a full day of festivity! Children are all permitted the day out of school to visit the markets and sample the delicious treats on offer, ride the dodgems at the fayre and waddle along with the geese at the stock trade. Its a really fun day to get together and celebrate this time of year.

This year we have had the pleasure of taking a guest along,  Atsuko Mayumi

This warm hearted little soul has been the perfect house guest - full of sunshine smiles and happy chatter - she loved walking around the fair yesterday evening with me and my boys - and was so delighted when I put a shiny 50p piece in her hand for her to spend on the helter-skelter, or on some candyfloss - or whatever she wished from the fair.

On our way home, Atsuko was lagging behind as we walked up the hill for home, I thought she was still staring after the lights and colourful commotion of the fairground, and maybe was a little tired, but as we got closer to home I realised she was struggling along, carrying something behind her back.

" what have you got there?" I asked her,
and a little sheepishly she lifted the heavy bag from out from behind her back -
" you said I could spend my penny on whatever I wanted!"
she blurted, her cheeks flushing - anticipating I might be a little less than pleased!
" his name's Lucky!" she added triumphantly " because I won him with the hoopla's!"
" the hoopla's indeed!" I chuckled! "what a lucky goldfish, we better sort him out someplace to stay"

And so Atsuko Mayumi helped find a little fishbowl and placed little Lucky inside, sitting until bedtime watching him swimming in his new home.

 We placed the bowl right next to her bed so that she could keep an eye on him all night - but you know, that sweet girl was so tired from the excitement of the fair - when I peeked in to check on them not five minutes later - she was fast asleep and dreaming!