Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Autumn Tea Cup Babies

Well - truth be told I knew it would not be long before I had to make another set of these tea cup babies! There is something just so delightful about their miniture size, and the way they snuggle in their cups! Also it has given me more excuse to shop for beautiful pottery - and with autumn hues as my inspiration, I knew just the right english studio!

I have always loved Denby pottery - the rich colours of the glazes, the unusual retro shapes that fit so nicely in your hand - it's a real treat to curl up with a cup of tea in one of these tea cups, and I knew the girls would just love to have their very own!

Due to last uploads unfortunate oversell situation I have decided to list the girls comment style, to avoid dissapointment and allow all time zones fair chance to enter. Adelle has been adopted already by one of the mamas who lost out in the oversell last time round, so will be a reserved listing.

Babies will go live at 6pm est today and will run for 24 hours
Love Scarlett xxx

Friday, September 18, 2015

Orlaith Rose

Summer seems to slip away so quietly doesn't it? The hazy morning sunshine gives way to a fresher breeze and the roses flushed with pink, shiver and surrender their last petals. It's a gentle time before the vibrant tones of autumn arrive with the excitement of fireworks and conker collecting!
Dreamy days like this always bring to mind soft, timid faces; little ones who delight in the shimmer of dew on a fresh spiders silk, the smell of woodsmoke from the chimney and the promise of blackberries in the hedgerows!

Orlaith Rose could sit for hours and listen to the sound of the breeze rustling the treetops, she watches as the swifts arrive one by one to perch along the telegraph lines above our house, until at last the moment comes for them to take flight and begin their long journey across the sea.
She asks me how they know when to go? What would happen if one were to be left behind? and whether they will return to us next year? My sweet girl, with eyes so green - full of concern looks to me and my heart is happy that I share my time with such caring little souls! We walk hand in hand back home, to sit in the kitchens warmth, and while the kettle warms upon the stove, we sit together and set about finding out all we can about those brave little birds and their fantastic journey in my old encyclopedia.

 Orlaith Rose is around 15 inches tall, is sewn from fair laib yala cotton and is firmly stuffed with devonshire wool. Her body style is slightly fuller than previous dolls, with chunky dimpled knees, more shapely legs, little feet with soles and a rounder rosy bottom. Her face is subtly needle sculpted and embroidered with deep green eyes and eyebrows. She has a full head of tumbling auburn curls mixed with little braids from the Monique wig company, tiny little ears and a swirly bellybutton.

 Orlaith Rose's wardrobe is inspired by vintage summer hues of fading pink and green, mixed with the warmth of natural linen and wool. It includes:

A pure linen reversible dress trimmed with ruffled sheer cotton. One side is undyed natural tone, with rose applique, pearl buttons and hand stitching to neckline. The reverse is sewn from deepest olive grey with a button rose on the lapel and finished with hand stitching around the neckline.

A pair of moss green cotton velvet trousers, with ruching and buttons to the sides of the legs, and an elasticated waist.

A cream knitted jumper, hand smocked with variegated cotton thread

A hand dyed woolen moss stitch cowl with double button fastening

Soft beige knitted socks

Fleece lined linen slippers, finished with felt leaved and embroidered buttons

Tiny grey cotton velvet undies

A vintage rose pendant necklace

Due to her delicate clothing details Orlaith Rose is not intended for young children, and would prefer to find a home with an older child as an heirloom toy, or with a dolly mama.
She will be available comment style tonight from 6pm est ( 11 pm if your here in the UK ) and the drawing will run for 24 hours to allow all time zones fair chance to enter.

with love Scarlett xx