Thursday, October 31, 2013



 Introducing Isabelle...


Isabelle is a home loving girl, the kind that likes to help you bake cookies and fold the laundry. She has been so sweet and helpful around our home the last few weeks, eager to join in on everything I'm doing, whether it was looking through recipe books together, or finding a pesky lost bobbin reel that had rolled away - she has been by my side like a little shadow!

Pretty pink bunches
In case you hadn't noticed, Isabelle is a girly girl, she just loves having her hair combed and styled, siting in my lap like a contented cat as I put her hair into little pink bunches! She has enjoyed choosing her dress fabrics and has sat patiently while I sewed her socks and undies, smoothing my fabric piles and arranging my buttons into colour ordered jars 
( thank you sweetie it is much easier to find what I'm looking for now!)
Sitting very still while I take her photograph
She wears a pretty blue and pink dress, t shirt, undies, socks, boots and a paper flower crown

She really is a girly girl!

Isabelle will be available to adopt in my etsy shop 31/10/2013 6pm GMT

Hoping to find a lovely new family soon!

Lissy Bee

Introducing Lissy Bee....

Lissy is a doll that has been sat in my sketchbook for sometime, I dreamed of a cheeky little face with a mass of crazy hair and a love of the outdoors! Sometimes I make a doll and there is just an instant connection, looking down at a squashy ball of wool, new eyes peeping up at you and I think " I know you! " 

Maybe it's her headstrong nature,her defiant grin that makes me think of my younger sister, a girl who simply has to do things her own way! I love that, and I feel confident that Lissy will go out into this world, bold and brave and enjoy every bit of it!

"I can do it myself mum!"
Adventure boots

Lissy loves her Bumble Bee friend

A pretty dress for warmer days

Fearless and true, Lissy makes a great friend
Lissy Bee and her bumble bee friend are available to adopt in my etsy shop 31/10/2013 6pm GMT
Lissy Bee - I will miss your mischief!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crumble and Conkers

Ahhh it's a wonderful time of year - I absolutely love that little chill that nips at your cheeks as you step outside, the beautiful autumn colours and of course cozying up with a big bowlful of pudding!

Over the last few days my son and I have been collecting conkers, it was so sweet to see his expression when he uncovered a little shiny nut from within its spiky shell for the first time! 
Coat pockets bursting with autumn treasures, he has decided we will plant them all in our garden, and have our own little wood!

Our first conker

Changing leaves
Another thing I look forward to at this time of year is fruit foraging! And though the blackberries are long gone from the hedgerows, the pear and apple trees in my mothers garden are heavy with fruit, and well it would be rude not to ease them of their burden! I will spare you the photographs of my husband and I scrabbling up pear trees, but here is a basket of all our gathered goodies ( we found some lovely elderberries too!)

A lovely basket of pears, apples and elderberries

 Of course there is nothing better to do with apples and pears, than to make a big ol fruit crumble!
Mmm crumble and ice cream!

For a really warming winters pud, you can't go wrong with a recipe from Mary Berry, substituting whatever fruit you have available, here is the general recipe I used :)

Claire and Fiona

Meet Fiona and Claire, two dear little custom dolls

Sisters - and best of friends   

Fiona loves the outdoors, and is particularly fond of horses, she dreams one day of having her very own pony to ride,
Day dreaming

Claire steals my heart with her charming little smile and delicate ways, I often hear her singing sweetly to herself, she surely is meant to be a big star some day!

One last story before their long journey abroad and it's one of their favorites!

Dollies gone by

Well as this is a new blog I thought it might be nice to post a little about just a few of the dolls I have made over the last year or so, which haven't had a post to themselves.

 First up is Nina...

Nina is a big girl, standing a full 22" tall she has been a lively member of the household! Leaping and running everywhere she went, she's a little whirlwind - a true free spirit! ( just keeping clothes on this one was a challenge!) This custom dolly has left us for sunny Spain, and is already making some special friends!


Sorcha was a custom 16" doll, a child of the earth who loved nothing more than laying out in the sunshine, watching the clouds roll overhead. It was wonderful to be able to hand deliver Sorcha to her new mama down in Cornwall, I wish I could do that with all my dolls!


Dear little Anabelle was born last spring, and did so wish it was not so wet and windswept in Devon! She was adopted by a very loving local family, it's nice to know she is not too far away, in fact she popped back to say hello not so long ago, because she heard some of my other dolls now had belly buttons, and of course she didn't want to miss out!


 Freya is a doll dear to my heart, she was my first! I made her and fell so in love I couldn't bare to part with her! So she sat, pretty as a picture in my studio gazing out of the window. Over time I could see how she longed for adventure, to skim stones over the lake and catch snowflakes on her tongue! She smiled and congratulated the other dolls as one by one they found their new families, but I knew in my heart she wished for her own! And so sweet Freya was adopted, and is adventuring in America, the land of dreams.

Baby mine

 Is there anything more precious in this world than a new baby?
Their peachy soft skin, fuzzy newborn hair, pudgy wrinkled legs and cozy new smell!

awww kisses
I have to say, like all mamas I am smitten with my baby, it is so wonderful to watch her grow, changing a little every day - her chunky hands just starting to reach out and grasp for her favorite toy, little "bun bun" 

the best of friends
"bun bun" the tiny velour rabbit
Making her has certainly taken me back to the first days of my motherhood, knitting dear little bonnets and booties, marveling at how a foot could be so tiny and perfect! 

first cuddles
a wee knitted bonnet

Even my biggest baby couldn't resist a cuddle with this special little newborn!

Little baby is available to adopt in my etsy shop, along with "bun bun" the rabbit and her clothing and blanket set.
Link to my shop's listing for baby doll

If you go down to the woods today....

On sunny days, me and my boys like to take a walk down through the woods, sometimes we have a picnic or take a kite to fly, and sometimes we look for frogs. But this time, we had a big surprise!

 We met some sweet little rabbits, and some bears too!

 Hopping through the clover having so much fun!

 Tired and happy five little friends lay down for a rest

We spent a lovely afternoon playing hide and seek in the long grass, but as the sun began to set, and our shadows grew tall, five little friends began to yawn, time for Nestlings to get some sleep!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sleepy babes

Well the last week has seen me very busy dyeing scrumptious soft organic bamboo velour for some dear little teether dolls. I love the way that each one turns out so differently, its like a little surprise every time I go to empty the dye vat - I hold up the fabric and envisage the doll it will make.

So here they are - my sleepy babes...

Dreaming of their new homes
Fairytale colours
Baby Petal

Sleep tight little love!

Oh and I thought maybe I would try a few festive fabrics too!

Festive Firs and Nordic Blue Teether dolls

Love Scarlett xx

Here goes....

This is my very first blog post! So I suppose it is only right to start with introductions!

My name is Scarlett, I am 27 years old and have lived for the best part in my life in Cornwall/Devon - England. In 2009 I married my true love Vince and four years later we have been blessed with two beautiful healthy sons.

It is a joy and privilege to be able to stay at home full time and watch them as they grow up! Ladybird Doll Studio was inspired by them, seeing their little faces light up as they cuddle their own dolls melts my heart - and I hope that little bit of magic travels with all my dolls to their new families!