Friday, October 3, 2014

Jonah and his bird

Meet Jonah - this little boy was inspired by a tender moment whilst walking home through the park one day with my eldest son. He had noticed a tiny bird singing so sweetly high up in a tree, and holding his hand outstretched called for the little creature to fly down to him. How I wish the little bird had obliged! Sadly not but the magical idea stayed, and a little boy with a feathered friend soon developed in my notes and sketches.
Jonahs handmade leather bound journal
 Jonah likes nothing more than wandering around, humming to himself looking for creatures, mainly flying ones! He is fascinated by their graceful speed and delicate mannerisms and will spend many an hour patiently watching them, 
sketching away in his little journal.
One of our favorite birds is the blue tit, a very common sight in English gardens, and so cheerful in voice and colour I knew it would be the perfect companion for little Jonah - and wasn't he delighted to find that this little felted fellow would sit happily in his hand, take crumbs of left over sandwiches and sing merrily all the while! 
Such a happy little fellow!
Like birds of a feather
 Although he may be a little bit quieter, and more reserved than some of my dolls, Jonah has a gentle heart and I'm sure will bring much love to his new family! 

Could you be my mama?

All packed ready to go wherever the day may take him
 If you think that you would like to give Jonah a home, he will be taking entries 
over on my hyena cart page until 6pm est Sunday 5th of October