Thursday, January 14, 2016

A brand new year

Welcome to 2016! I hope that you all have had a splendid start to the year, it is always an exciting time, looking ahead and planning for the year to come! Last month my family and I welcomed a third son to our little ladybird family, and we have enjoyed the last few weeks blissfully snuggled up with our precious newborn. As I hold him in my arms, so tiny, so perfect, and gaze out across the garden - winter bulbs just peeking their fresh green above the soil - my mind ambles through thoughts of a sleepy world reawakening and the miracle of new life. Naturally through these amblings I come to thinking about dolls - which in truth is never too far from mind! Doll making provides a wonderful platform to express oneself, to characterise a moment or feeling and reflect upon the simple joys in life.

Merryn smiles up at me with a full and happy heart - her eyes shine as she takes everything in - seeing the world for the very first time! 
The first doll of 2016 is born!

Merryn has watched her tiny seedling grow with fascination, whispering encouragement for its tiny leaves to unfurl! " Soon it will be as tall as me!" she squeals in excitement!


This year I hope to follow mother natures wonderful example, to create with love and to take my time and enjoy the process. Modern life and its daily demands seem to race the days away, but doll making is my little oasis! Life begins afresh everyday - it never gives up - and I hope that Merryn carries this gentle hope with her where ever she goes.