Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Aurora and Luna

  I wake - two little eyes peeking at me, nose squished to mine and a beaming smile. It is some tender hour of the morning, dawns gentle light just peeping through the curtains, but we are wide awake, and I carry my little one snuggled in my dressing gown downstairs to make a pot of tea.
We wander out to the french doors, sure enough there is a our little pussy cat waiting patiently to be let in, he tiptoes in as we open the door and step out into the morning, the dew on the grass twinkles with the stars of the night just passed and the moon faint and dream like still lingers in the sky, she has stayed just long enough to kissthe sun good day.
At this still, quiet time I am perfectly happy, my mind clear of cares - drinking in the peace before the day takes hold.
It seems symbolic to me, reassuring that moon will follow sun, like a little one follows her older sister, time will pass, things will. change, but this one thing remains true.
And so this small moment is my inspiration for Aurora and baby Luna.

A very proud big sister
 Aurora is the largest doll I have ever made, I wanted to make a doll big enough to be a big sister, to be able to hold a new baby. She measures a very tall 26 inches! This morning was bright and sunny and of course Aurora needed to go out, like most of my dolls, she cant stand to be kept indoors too long!

Enjoying some early spring sunshine

Silky mohair curls

Aurora's hair is a mass of wild mohair curls, the silkiest softest fibre you could ever hope to work with! She was a little concerned when baby Luna was first born, " Psst Scarlett.. Her hair is all white! She has no purple at all! " she exclaimed, " Well you see, Aurora" I explained " Luna is brand new to the world, as she grows and she finds who she is, her own special colours will start to shine through too, just like yous are" Aurora thought on this a moment, and decided that yes she would be happy to wait and see what Luna's colours would be.


 Making a doll so large has been a lot of fun, her limbs are long perfect for posing and cuddling ( all of these photos were taken without the use of props, pins etc - the dolls hold their poses together very nicely) Her arms and legs are sewn in at the seams so are very durable and flexible. She was quite content running about in the nude, but well I thought it best if she had some respectable clothes to wear too! Designing her outfit was a joy, linen, Liberty prints, cotton frills and lots of pretty buttons!

She has a peachy little bottom

and a little belly button

knit mary janes and socks that are forever falling down!

Pretty cotton frills

A handmade ceramic button

 Luna, cuddly newborn that she is, has slept a lot of the time, wrapped in her little embroidered blanket. Every now and then her little eyes would peep open from under her whispy white hair - just to check we are all still there, a little sigh and she would snuggle back down again.

Wrapped up warm in her baby blanket

Tiny little boots

She may be small but she certainly has style!

Luna has a little pale blue nappy, lined with soft ( and absorbent ) bamboo velour, a jersey shirt, cotton playsuit and some warm winters knitwear, all finished with tiny mother of pearl star buttons.

Aurora and Luna will be searching for a forever loving home together because like morning to night, dark to light - they could never be apart.
Their price is £300 and they will be listed on Saturday in the facebook group Dollishop :
Dollishop link

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