Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Babies

My goodness what a busy time it has been! Over Christmas I told myself I would take a little break from doll making, just time to enjoy relaxing with family, and dream of future dolls, but well you know I simply couldn't do that! So over these long dark winters nights I have been working on a brand new style of doll, may I introduce my true baby dolls!

I have chosen to make these in three sizes, 10 inch, 14 inch and newborn size 19inch.
Each size is gently weighted to give a real baby feel, though are still light enough to be easily carried around by a child. Arms legs and head are moveable and hold their position thanks to their joints so they can pose like real babies too, and even sit unaided.

For babies hair I have chosen to use mohair fabric, or a crocheted mohair cap, which can be brushed out and styled into little bunches to give a girlish look

Each of my babies is dressed in a little cotton nappy which fastens with poppers, a cotton envelope t shirt ( I re-size new shop bought baby t shirts and dye by hand if needs be ) and a knitted hat and shorts set. Finally with a little birth tag anklet and pure woolen blanket they are ready to be adopted!

It has been a true delight to create this new pattern, from the gentle curves of their little limbs, to their delicate embroidered eyelashes, there is something just so magical about a new baby!

This new style of doll with replace my button jointed dolls as i seek to further hone my craft, custom requests for these style of dolls are quite welcome, my order book for June will open on Feb 1st,
Thanks for stopping by, With love Scarlett xxx

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