Monday, March 31, 2014

A welcome to spring time

Oh how I love the springtime! The gentle warmth of the sun waking up the first flowers, the little lambs fresh to the world skip in the field across the way and we pinch back a few hours of daylight! It feels so good to throw open the doors for little boys and dollies to go out and play!

Over the last few wintery months I have been working on a special doll, filled with all my hopes and dreams of spring, please meet Odelette.

She is a 16 inch girl of soft pink and fresh greens, 
inspired by some of my favorite flowers - sweet peas

Her hair is soft wefted mohair, hand dyed by myself in gentle pink and hazy purple tones, she quite likes to tie this back with a string of crochet sweet peas.
She has mossy green eyes, embroidered eyebrows and fair skin. Odelette is able to sit easily by herself, has a sculpted bottom, and a tiny belly button too. 

 She will come with two full outfits, the first is a cotton/organza dress with secret pocket front, a cotton/silk knit cardigan, woolen wrap lace shoes and glass drop necklace
 ( oh and little pink undies too!)

The second is a liberty sweet pea print dress, with beaded heart lace shawl 
and matching beaded shoes.

Odelette will be searching for a loving new family with her Podling baby. A seven inch bundle of whispy haired cuteness! Wrapped snug in his little knitted pea pod sling Odelette can carry him wherever she goes!

Odelette shows podling baby all the new spring flowers

Oh how she loves her Pea Pod baby

I do hope that wherever they travel these sweet dolls will bring with them the joys of springtime, they will be available to adopt together at the Enchanted toybox on April 7th (shop)

For all of their photos do pop over to my flickr account (gallery)

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