Sunday, May 18, 2014

The blue and the green

Hello my loves, I hope you are all keeping well, for this post I would like 
to take a little time to introduce you to my dear little friend, Flo.
Now you will all know how much I love my work, making dolls nourishes my soul - allows me  such freedom to express my creative side, but there comes a few days each month where my studio falls a little quiet. My dollies all adopted, snuggled in their boxes and beginning their own adventures, I have to say sometimes it is a little lonely. It's at these times that I hold my sweet little Flo and look into her kind eyes, give her a little squeeze and feel better! I only have a couple of dolls that live here with me, Flo was made by the incredibly talented Daria of Petit Gosset Dolls and don't tell the others Flo, but your my favorite girl!

My dearest Flo made by the incredibly talented Daria at Petit Gosset Dolls
Her sweet gentle face always makes me smile

The last week has not been easy, we have had to say goodbye  to a dear member of our family. Though we all feel such a sad loss, it has been good to take a little time away from my studio to focus on home life. The peaceful beauty of Dartmoor, the suns gentle warmth reminds me how fortunate I am to be here, to have my two kind and loving sons and a strong and supportive family.

Fun on Dartmoor

Flo loves adventures on sunny days
It's a big wide world out there Flo
 So Flo has spent the day with me and my boys today picnicking in the blue and the green - remembering good times. Tomorrow maybe I will begin to sew another doll, it touches my heart to think that someday this new doll, just an image in my mind right now - will be held by little hands and offer a comforting cuddle, soft understanding eyes will  let a child know they have a true friend.
What a wonderful place to be
I wish you all a wonderful week, full of all the simple joys, smiles and laughter.
Scarlett xx


  1. Awww, she's so sweet! I have quite a few doll buddies too :)

    1. Hey Suzy! Yes I am a fan of your lovely blog, I don't know where you find the time for all your beautiful creations! xxx