Friday, June 27, 2014

Delicious Elderflowers

I look forward to this short season every year - eagerly keeping an eye on the hedgerows for the first signs of those fluffy white flowers. This year my father and I gathered blossoms from their tree in the garden, it was a beautiful clear day.

It is best to pick flowers on a bright sunny day

This year I decided to try something new - I usually make a simple cordial with my flowers, but this year I have brewed some elderflower champagne.
As with most of my kitchen efforts, there was no recipe as such, and a good deal of trusting to luck!
My flowers filled an eight litre maslin pan, which I filled with water, threw in a couple of cups of sugar ( about 700g ish ) and the zest and juice of two lemons  Then let nature work it's magic!

 I was convinced that nothing would come of this simple potion - but sure enough after a few days sitting in the kitchen - tiny bubbles began to form!

Two weeks later I have six bottles of elderflower bubbly! I think it will be the perfect celebratory drink to enjoy on our first night in our new home - now to begin packing!
Happy Summer everyone!
Love Scarlett xx

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