Wednesday, April 1, 2015


 This is Squeaker, the younger of my april dolls. She is giggly and exuberant by nature -
always larking about and pestering Lapine to play with her! 
Her new family will soon understand why she has been named Squeaker - for this excitable child is forever shrieking and squeaking with delight 
( particularly in chase and tag games ) 
She sounds just like a happy little guinea pig! 

Squeaker is made from quality fair DeWitte cotton, stuffed with soft carded wool and embroidered with cotton floss. She is beset with an abundance of freckles ( with even a couple on her bottom! ) Her hair is tousled brushed mohair in a firey red shade.

Like all ladybird dolls she has many features, including: a tiny bottom, swirly belly button, stitched knees, tiny ears and expressive stitched eyebrows.
She will come dressed in the following:
linen/mouse print buttoned dress
saffron yellow woolen knit cardigan
pointelle cotton lace undies
stripey sole woolen knit slippers

Squeaker is excited to travel to a new family - entrants will be taken from 7pm april 3rd to 7pm april 4th
thank you for visiting The Enchanted Toybox!

For further photos do visit my flickr gallery:
Please note that I ship from the UK, first class shipping is for UK residents only. All shipping options include insurance and tracking number.
Due to buttoned clothing my dolls are not suitable for children under three years old.

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