Friday, October 30, 2015

The Familiar and the Unknown

I'm sure I know you little one, your face is so familiar! 
It's like we met many moons ago, though you assure me we have just met!

Sometimes as a doll maker, despite many, many hours of one to one time crafting a doll, their character emerges and is still a little of a riddle! Perhaps it's because my mind wanders to next month when I will get to meet my own baby, to meet the tiny wonder I have carried so long, both entirely a mystery, yet completely a part of myself! Avery marks a wonderful time in my life and doll making journey, where I feel my dolls speak the love I have for my craft, and the happiness in my heart as I enter motherhood for the third time. This will be the last doll I make this year, as I focus my thought and energy towards the needs of a newborn and the busyness of the festive season to come!

I wish you the very fondest for the end of the year - 
may it be a time of family, marshmallow hot chocolates and rosy winter cheeks for you all!
With much love, Scarlett x

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