Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Solassi and her Cactus Babies

Morning all!
Over the last few weeks I have been working on a brand new style of doll.
As I sketched new pattern pieces I imagined a girl of maybe 11 year old, all long spindly legs after a growth spurt, still with a little clumsyness of youth, but the hint of elegance of becoming a young lady. I hoped to create a doll with a nice proportion to sew clothes for, who would enjoy twirling and admiring delicate stitchwork - who might enjoy pouring over my fabric collection with me!
Little did I know, that this fine young lady, Solassi - would share a different interest of mine!

For those of you that follow the ramblings of my blog, you may know that last year we bought a little house in need of entire renovation - rafters to the ground - everything needed doing! And while we have slowly worked away making home -  the garden has been left much to its own devices, a distant dream of next year when we can turn our attention to happy notions of herb gardens, plants for natural dyeing and perhaps a few chickens!?

 In the absence of my much needed outdoor space, I have invited the greenery indoors, and busily set about propagating easy care succulents and cacti babies to cheer up our windowsils! In truth they have near taken over! While I have carefully repotted, gently misted and whispered encouragingly to my little plant babes, Solassi has been by my side! So delighted in tiny fresh rosettes of leaves emerging, keen to find the names of every new plant and ensure each is enjoying its fair share of sunshine - who would have guessed her to have such tiny green fingers!

It wasn't long though of course before my mind wandered ( as it's prone to do!) and I found myself stitching away at a tiny cactus baby doll. Madness! but oh with their pinchy rosey cheeky, happy little smiles and soft plush fabric how could I resist! And so my collection of those grew too, each one different, some with embroidered "spines" some bursting into bloom and all extremely cuddly!

Now Solassi and I really have our hands full! The little ones have grown so fast I know really they had best venture out to find new homes!

Over the next couple of days Solassi and her Cactus babies will head to my etsy shop, I can assure you even the least green fingered gardeners will enjoy keeping these plants! xx

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