Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Little Linen Fae

 One morning before breakfast,
while pouring out some tea
I heard a rustling in the cupboard,
hmmm what it could be?
I peeped inside the open door, 
and found to my surprise
A dainty little Linen Fae,
there before my eyes!
 Clambering from the tablecloths, 
she bowed her head down low
dressed in an old white hankersnif 
and shoes with pointed toes.
She said with a voice light as feather down,
 and quiet as a mouse, 
" I heard that you might need some help, 
with a few jobs around the house"

  For linen faerys, so im told
would visit folks in times of old
and help them with their daily chores,
of matching socks and tidying drawers
They found lost bobbins, thimbles and things
fluttering on silken wings 
returning all to rights as you slept
then when day aproached away they crept.
  So my Faery set to work, folding up the cloths, 
fixing snagged embroidery
and checking well for moths
when all was finally finished
she had done her very best
she came to me once more
and this was her request
 A cotton patch for her dress 
was all the payment she would need
each tiny square sewn with care
to mark all of her good deeds
  But now the day grows late, and I must fly
over hills and vales and fields of rye
To the home of a friend who likes to sew
To a warm cosy cottage, to a lady named Jo
Her cottons need sorting and buttons as well
So my dear friend I bid you farewell

Then off she fluttered, up and away
Leaving me with cupboards clean
and a happy story of a linen fae 
what a splendid sight to have seen!

Copyright - 2017 Scarlett Wadey

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