Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby mine

 Is there anything more precious in this world than a new baby?
Their peachy soft skin, fuzzy newborn hair, pudgy wrinkled legs and cozy new smell!

awww kisses
I have to say, like all mamas I am smitten with my baby, it is so wonderful to watch her grow, changing a little every day - her chunky hands just starting to reach out and grasp for her favorite toy, little "bun bun" 

the best of friends
"bun bun" the tiny velour rabbit
Making her has certainly taken me back to the first days of my motherhood, knitting dear little bonnets and booties, marveling at how a foot could be so tiny and perfect! 

first cuddles
a wee knitted bonnet

Even my biggest baby couldn't resist a cuddle with this special little newborn!

Little baby is available to adopt in my etsy shop, along with "bun bun" the rabbit and her clothing and blanket set.
Link to my shop's listing for baby doll

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