Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crumble and Conkers

Ahhh it's a wonderful time of year - I absolutely love that little chill that nips at your cheeks as you step outside, the beautiful autumn colours and of course cozying up with a big bowlful of pudding!

Over the last few days my son and I have been collecting conkers, it was so sweet to see his expression when he uncovered a little shiny nut from within its spiky shell for the first time! 
Coat pockets bursting with autumn treasures, he has decided we will plant them all in our garden, and have our own little wood!

Our first conker

Changing leaves
Another thing I look forward to at this time of year is fruit foraging! And though the blackberries are long gone from the hedgerows, the pear and apple trees in my mothers garden are heavy with fruit, and well it would be rude not to ease them of their burden! I will spare you the photographs of my husband and I scrabbling up pear trees, but here is a basket of all our gathered goodies ( we found some lovely elderberries too!)

A lovely basket of pears, apples and elderberries

 Of course there is nothing better to do with apples and pears, than to make a big ol fruit crumble!
Mmm crumble and ice cream!

For a really warming winters pud, you can't go wrong with a recipe from Mary Berry, substituting whatever fruit you have available, here is the general recipe I used :)

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