Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lissy Bee

Introducing Lissy Bee....

Lissy is a doll that has been sat in my sketchbook for sometime, I dreamed of a cheeky little face with a mass of crazy hair and a love of the outdoors! Sometimes I make a doll and there is just an instant connection, looking down at a squashy ball of wool, new eyes peeping up at you and I think " I know you! " 

Maybe it's her headstrong nature,her defiant grin that makes me think of my younger sister, a girl who simply has to do things her own way! I love that, and I feel confident that Lissy will go out into this world, bold and brave and enjoy every bit of it!

"I can do it myself mum!"
Adventure boots

Lissy loves her Bumble Bee friend

A pretty dress for warmer days

Fearless and true, Lissy makes a great friend
Lissy Bee and her bumble bee friend are available to adopt in my etsy shop 31/10/2013 6pm GMT
Lissy Bee - I will miss your mischief!

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