Sunday, November 10, 2013

Squid Girl - diminutive defender of the ocean

Squid Girl is a custom I have made this month based on a character from a Japanese anime show

Despite being only eight inches tall she has a huge heart and cares deeply for our oceans and all it's beautiful creatures. I have been amazed at how knowledgeable she is, pointing out all the different species of shells as we strolled along the beach this morning, explaining how to tell the difference between all the different types of seagull in our area. Most of all though what has touched my heart about this doll is her genuine concern about the harm we as humans cause to the planet through pollution. 

Bude - Devon

This week we read this article about pollution and its effects ( click here ) and felt that we should do something to help! 
So this morning, me, my son and little Squid Girl took a trip out to the coast and spent an hour or so collecting up plastic and rubbish that had washed ashore.

Our beautiful coast

Living in Devon we are blessed to have some of the most beautiful coastline, I feel privileged that I can live, work and raise my children here, and I want it to stay this beautiful! It only takes a small shift in perspective, a tiny bit of thought when making decisions about what you buy and what you throw away. Over one million birds die every year as a direct result of ocean pollution, there is a floating rubbish tip that stretches from California to Japan! Our planet cannot sustain us this way, we need to start cleaning up after ourselves, and each other.

Squid Girl ready to help!

Squid girl was so happy on our way home, "Every piece of rubbish we picked up today might have just saved a life" she said, rosy cheeked and eyes sparkling. That, for me is what its all about, everyone, no matter how small can have a positive impact on our planet!

Squid Girl is looking forward to meeting her new family across the Atlantic ocean

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