Thursday, October 31, 2013



 Introducing Isabelle...


Isabelle is a home loving girl, the kind that likes to help you bake cookies and fold the laundry. She has been so sweet and helpful around our home the last few weeks, eager to join in on everything I'm doing, whether it was looking through recipe books together, or finding a pesky lost bobbin reel that had rolled away - she has been by my side like a little shadow!

Pretty pink bunches
In case you hadn't noticed, Isabelle is a girly girl, she just loves having her hair combed and styled, siting in my lap like a contented cat as I put her hair into little pink bunches! She has enjoyed choosing her dress fabrics and has sat patiently while I sewed her socks and undies, smoothing my fabric piles and arranging my buttons into colour ordered jars 
( thank you sweetie it is much easier to find what I'm looking for now!)
Sitting very still while I take her photograph
She wears a pretty blue and pink dress, t shirt, undies, socks, boots and a paper flower crown

She really is a girly girl!

Isabelle will be available to adopt in my etsy shop 31/10/2013 6pm GMT

Hoping to find a lovely new family soon!

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