Saturday, August 9, 2014

A little lost lamb

Sometimes a doll will live in my heart for a long long time, quietly, patiently waiting for a time of their own. It is a joy like no other to realise these gentle souls from simple wool and cloth.
Mary is just so, a doll which encompass all that I try and impart, all that I hope Ladybird Dolls to be. 
A delicate face which in one moment look full of mischief, 
and in the next you could almost have sworn you saw a little lip quiver. 
In truth my craft owes a lot to the humble sheep, their beautiful wool lends itself to warm naturally hypoallergenic stuffing, giving my dolls a comforting huggable feel. Breeds such as teeswater and wensleydale produce incredible long lustrous locks which I use for dolls hair, 
and wool felt makes for durable doll clothes and mini dolls. 

I have longed to make a little doll inspired by sheep, a doll of understated, meek and mild beauty. 
Soft, gentle and kind - this is Mary...

Mary is 12 inches tall, made using my new baby pattern for a doll which will sit with ease, has flexible limbs and can be easily posed. She is made from beige Laib Yala cotton and stuffed firmly with sweet Devonshire wool. Her hair is crocheted from natural white dollymo mohair.
Mary is gently sculpted with a tiny mouth, chin, full cheeks and features wee ears and embroidered eyebrows.

Mary is dressed in pointelle cotton undies edged with lace, a cotton jersey shirt, pure Irish linen dress with little lamb pocket, merino knit shoes fastened with mother of pearl buttons, and a wool tweed and lace headband. All clothing items are made to measure entirely from my own patterns.

Naturally little Mary needed some warm lamb clothes too!

Her romper suit and hat are sewn from organic cotton plush 
and are just right to stay warm and cosy at bedtime.

Mary will be looking for a mama tonight at 6pm EST ( Sat 9th August ) via short auction in my shop along with her brother Edward and some lambkin friends. For all her photos do visit my gallery.

Due to her delicate hair fiber and buttoned clothing Mary is recommended for gentle play with an older child, or to be admired by an adult collector.

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