Saturday, August 9, 2014

Edward Bear

Oh Edward! When Mary asked for a little brother I don't think either of us expected such a mischievous creature! But even though you wear big bear foot boots, and are earnestly practising your growl - there is less Grizzly than Teddy about you my Edward Bear!

Edward is like all good boys should, mostly busy messing around, noseying into things that he shouldnt and running at the mention of a hair comb! He is truely a playful little cub!

Like his sister Mary, Edward Bear is made using my new 12 inch baby pattern from beige laib yala cotton and stuffed with devonshire wool. He has a sculpted bottom and floppy poseable limbs allowing him to sit and pose with ease. He features a gently sculpted face, tiny ears, eyebrows, and swirly bellybutton. His hair is whispy crocheted dollymo mohair.

Edward wears a knit jumper with alpaca teddy motif, matching undershorts ( which together make a nice pj's set ) cotton plaid trousers and pure wool knitted bear foot boots.

For when Edward needs to be a real bear he also has an organic cotton plush teddy romper suit with hat - and though he prowls around trying to scare his sister - I think he looks adorable in it! Though I'd never tell him, he is so proud to be a real bear!

Edward is ready for adventure and will be looking for a new home tonight at 6pm EST via short auction in my shop along with his siter Mary and some lambkin friends. 
For the rest of his photos please do visit my gallery

Due to Edwards fine mohair hair he is best suited to gentle play with an older child, or cuddles from an adult collector

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