Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Toran's Doll

 By 8.30 we are up, fed, washed, dressed, house squared up for another day and children are starting to ask for another breakfast! We did playdough at 9.00, drawing at 9.30 - then snack time, today was one of those non stop days - and I should know on days like today where my boys are feeling rather busy - I wont be busy doing dolly work!
Nevertheless I am always the optimist and while both boys enjoyed an indoor picnic I thought I would try to sneak away for a little sewing, but no sooner was the machine threaded, two little faces appeared  "can we help" Toran chirps - eyes sparkling, fingers already busy twisting dials and switching the light on and off. After a little debating we compromise that if he can sit very still and not touch, he may watch me - I have a pair of little leather boots to sew this morning for Goldilocks and it is too fiddly for little hands. Now he tried very hard, but it is just too tempting for a nearly four year old boy to fiddle, to empty tins of thread, to NEED to sit on your lap, or help you with the machine pedal. The game was up, I looked at the tangled mess of stitches on the boot ( no doubt some tension had been helpfully adjusted) and decided to cut my losses, pack away and hope to maybe try again at bedtime. It was just as I switched off the machine that Toran turned to me and said " But Mummy I absolutely need to learn to make dollies! " Oh my sweet boy - hands turned out, shrugging his shoulders, he just wants to play! It's so easy to get caught up in all that I should do, all that I have to do - but today I realised what a special thing it is that my boys watch me work, to see that I can provide for them at home -  to inspire their own creativity. 
And so today Toran learned to make a doll. He knew immediately what he wanted to make, and really impressed me with his patience!

Stuffing his dolly with wool
choosing silk for dolly's eyes

the table got quite messy!
sewing ladybird spots

It took most of the day, with quite a few breaks for tea and biscuits, but the look on this boys face when his very own doll was finished was priceless! Mr ladybird is about 5 inches tall, has a little removable knit tunic, hat and wool felt shell which ties on with ribbons
 ( just in case mr ladybird wants to become something else someday)

Toran and his new best friend are already adventuring in the garden -
 its been the most productive doll making day ever !