Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Alice in the secret garden

Custom dolls are always a intensive labour of love for me, 
I dearly enjoy getting to know the family that my dolls will journey to, and feel honoured that they share their interests and special memories with me in order to bring a new little soul to life. 
Conversations spanning many months, with little parcels of pretty finds exchanged, mood boards of inspiration and no end of tales and anecdotes go into each and every custom doll, and as I give each doll one last squeeze before carefully nestling her into her box to travel, 
I know it could never really be goodby!

Alice is firey. Don't get me wrong, she is a dear sweet thing, adventurous and  inquisitive, but her desire to know and explore is like a burning flame, forever hungry! Her new mama will surely be in for many many questions from this talkative girl!

She is 15 or so inches tall, with green eyes, freckles and golden red hair, she has a peachy plump bottom, little knobbly freckled knees, swirly bellybutton, tiny ears and stitched eyebrows.
Alice's outfit includes a floral dress trimmed with cotton lace,
 hand knit pure wool cardigan with mismatch buttons, moss green velvet bloomers, 
undies, alpaca/wool knit boots with button rose decoration, matching rose hair pin 
and a little brass key necklace - for when she discovers her secret garden!

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