Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tea Cup Babies

There truly is nothing quite like a good brew is there? Enjoying the ritual of preparing tea and savouring its delicate taste is something that connects people from all over the world, 
and whats more it is good for your health! 
For me, the day really doesn't truly begin until I have a cup of tea in hand, the hazy mist of sleep lifts as I breath in the sweet steam rising from my favorite tortoise mug! 

Afternoon tea has become a very British thing, with careful consideration needed in the selection of teas and cakes; here in the south west of the country the proper way is naturally to have a "cream tea" with warm currant scones, thick homemade strawberry jam ( or raspberry if you are a rebel like me!) and a generous spoonful of clotted cream, all finished off with a fresh pot of delicate Darjeeling. For anyone who has not had this pleasure, I assure you it is simply heavenly - and if you are in the region it would be rude not to try it! There is a little controversy over the correct layering of jam and cream upon your scone - but if you ask me - as long as you have plenty of both, you can't go far wrong!

Anyway - as usual I am rambling! It was daydreaming over a cuppa that I first thought about making a range of tea cup babies, wee babes so small they could nestle inside a teacup, fresh and vibrant with the colours of an English garden in summertime. It's cheery thought kept me warm all through the bleak winter months, and it has been thoroughly enjoyable to have finally found a little time in which to bring these sweet poppets into being!

 Each tea cup baby is around 8 inches tall, sewn from de witte cotton and stuffed firmly with fluffy devonshire lambswool. They have lightly sculpted faces, tiny stitched eyebrows, ears, peachy bottoms and swirly bellybuttons. Their hair is crocheted from various shades of dollymo mohair yarn.
As summer ( as wet as it's been) is still with us, the girls have requested light cotton dress skirts, with slightly cosier wool knit bodices which have a tie fastening to the back, and also wear a matching nappy lined with buttery soft cotton velour, and a tiny brass teacup necklace.
Many hours have been spent exploring the treasure troves of our local antique and collectables shops, the girls were quite particular about what they were looking for, but I think each eventually found something that was just her cup of tea!

Though Tippy has found a new home already with a wishlist family, Camille, Jasmine and Pekoe will be looking for homes this evening at 6pm est ( which is 11pm here in the UK ) in my shop:

 Lots of love, Scarlett and the Teacup Babies xx

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