Monday, February 15, 2016


 Sweet patient Takara, you really are a little treasure! There have been so many dolls around lately, its been all hustle and bustle but Takara has sat on my sewing shelf completely starkers, playfully swinging her legs back and forth, content in watching all the commotion! Finally my dear it is your turn to be dressed, and you certainly have your own sense of style!

Takara and I are both fond of Japanese fashion, soft fabrics and vintage buttons - 
so deciding her outfit together was a doddle! Her wardrobe includes:
A pair of polka spot undershorts
Dove grey cotton velour shirt
Japanese floral cotton play-suit, finished with cotton lace and vintage porcelain buttons
A hand knitted tweed cardigan with cotton crochet pockets and trim
Fairisle style knee high knitted socks
Faux leather mary jane style shoes

But my patient girl has been in good company, a tiny woodland spirit has taken a shine to her - and is now never far from her side! 

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