Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Willa and the wool

 One look at this little one and you know she is up to trouble! Willa like many of the ladybird dolls, is mischievous - she takes great delight in messing about with things she knows she shouldn't touch, telling funny stories and most of all, not listening to what she is told! But you couldn't be cross with her could you - because I know she is just far far too busy in her own little world to listen to what I have to say! Who wants to help put away some dishes when you are really quite sure that a unicorn just leaped over the garden fence?! 
Yes, yes - Willa will surely entertain you with her fantastical tales 
( but I wouldn't let her anywhere near your knitting wool! )

  Like butter wouldn't melt right?!

Of late most of my dolls have been large delicate creations, less suited as a child toy - but I am happy to say that this robust young lady is keen to join a busy playful household! Should you wish to adopt Willa, she is over in my hyenacart shop now :) xx

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