Sunday, May 1, 2016


A beautiful spring evening sets in, sand still warm underfoot and the bay is awake with families enjoying fish and chips in the dunes and surfers casually ambling down to the waters edge. 
Times like this I really appreciate how close we live to the coast!

 A sweet friend recently moved in land far away from the ocean and asked me to make a special doll inspired by the coast, she left all the details up to me and little Zak was born!

This relaxed little soul just lives life in the moment, carefree and happy!

He even has his own little ride, carefully crafted by my husband.

Though he still needs a hand while he practices! 
Surfing is kinda hard you know! 

The locals show us how its done, sun sinking down to meet the gentle rolling waves, we sit together soaking in the last of the day
 awaiting the evenings stars.

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