Sunday, May 1, 2016

Anouk from the Cirque de Coccinelle

Today a little one stopped by our house to play, scuffing her shoes on the path and idly plucking at the flowers by the gate - she told us that the Cirque de Coccinelle had come to Tavistock!
I asked her why she wasn't with her friends?
 to which she replied with a mischievous look
"Parce que je ne veux pas aider à mettre en place!
and skipped off merrily into the garden.
I think I need to brush up on my school French!

 Her name is Anouk - and she is the most colourful little girl imaginable! She hopped excitedly around the garden, playing tag with my two sons ( the game tag evidently universal with no language barrier at all!) a blur of patchwork, polkaspots and tattered cotton lace.

Her cheery giggle so infectious as she babbled away, enthralling us with tales which I'm sure I only partially understand!

All afternoon she delighted in demonstrating her fantastic balance, 
who else could balance a horse on her feet!?

And then like a feather on the breeze she was gone, out the garden gate and on to another adventure. Au Revoir sweet Anouk - the colourful child of the Cirque de Coccinelle!

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