Thursday, June 9, 2016

A morning with baby Anders

It's funny how the smallest and most simple of tasks can stretch to taking up all morning! It's just the way with babies! Dressing and changing and bathing, with a good bit of playing and cuddling can really take a long time! Especially when each precious little pose needs to be photographed! I often wonder how newborn photographers manage it, every tiny smirk, wrinkle of a nose unbearably cute yawn ( which always sets me yawning too!) literally everything is scrummy about babies! They must take thousands of photos, and how do you narrow those down? This afternoon while baby Anders slept, I spent an age pondering which to include in this blog post - and well whittling over one hundred down to these few was tough!
Here is a little photo story of our morning....

Morning little sleepy head! Little Anders was up with the lark, eager to play with his favourite toys!
He played with his blocks and little knitted Bunny Bun
 Anders, like most little ones, is growing up fast!
Roughly stacking and tumbling his blocks,
he surprises me with just how well coordinated he is already!
Before too long it is time to take a bath
 Don't you just love it when they are still small enough to bathe like this, in a little basin or sink!
 Though of course keeping wriggly boys covered in bubbles is quite another thing!
 Fresh and clean we quickly pop on a new nappy...
Well .. perhaps not so quickly!
Anders is dressed in some baby soft linen overalls and a selection of classic baby knits, there really is nothing better than babies
cosied up in little woollens!
Oh Anders!
All that playing and splashing in the bath
and he is quite tuckered out!
We sit a while and snuggle, and I hum castles in the sky softly
until his little head begins to nod and his little eyes start to blink
I lay him in his crib and pull up the blankets
Then quietly tiptoe back out of the room.
Sleep tight my love xx

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