Monday, May 2, 2016


I just love that fresh smell of rain, it's gentle pitter patter as it ripples the surface of the canals dark waters.
Misty mornings must be my favourite of times.
No one is about, it's just us two.

Fawn has kept me company for a long time now, at first, faint like a whisper I imagined a child with a strong stare and deep eyes like that of a little deer in the forest.

We didn't talk a lot, sometimes you just don't need words -
it's amazing how much more you see when all the world is quiet!

Fawn like her names sake would never truly be tamed - I knew she could not stay forever.
Her heart needs to roam, and so I hope that a family will open their home to this sweet child.
Prospective parents should please visit my shop for her listing.
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